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Friday, January 12, 2007

Trial Bike

Trial Bike Rider performs some amazing stunts -- Here is the official website: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/media.php I've been trying to figure out who the rider is.

Update I contacted Dave @ Tarty Bikes - here is the info he sent:

Hey Pam,

Glad you like the video! We've had quite a bit of interest in this video from a few TV companies all around the world. His name is Danny McAskil. He's from Edinburgh in Scotland. He's improved quite a bit since these videos. He really is a crazy fool, but he's got some awesome skills to boot.

Have a good weekend!



Dave & Adam said...

Wow, this video sure is getting some awesome interest! The rider in the video is a guy called Danny McAskil. He's used his skills to do a few demo's around the country and also a couple of adverts for Sony Play Station. At the moment he's living in Edinburgh, but he's originally from a tiny village in the Scottish Highlands (where most of this video was filmed).

Great blog pages just like this are doing awesome things for out sport (I'm allowed to say 'our' because I'm a rider as well as a shop owner for these bikes). The sport definitely deserves more coverage than it currently enjoys in the media, with the help of people just like Pam we're hoping one day it'll be as high profile as it should be!

Thanks to Pam for the email and great comments, keep up the good work with the blog!


Dave & Adam said...

This video sure is getting our sport some great coverage accross the internet! The rider's a guy called Danny McAskil who we are fortunate enough to sponsor. He's a great guy, extremely modest about his riding skills and a complete fruitcake when it comes to riding things with two wheels. There's almost nothing he won't try!

With blogs just like this and great support and interest from people just like Pam, hopefully media such as this will go a long way to promoting our sport and getting it the media coverage it deserves!

Keep up the good work Pam,


Pull Up A Chair said...

Thanks for the kind words Dave...

Please get that kid up to Stonehenge so he can do some "rock hopping" that would be certain to frighten the Druids.

Send new videos that I can post!


uk2pennethworth said...

Cool stuff! That bike looked like it was almost made of rubber with superglue on the tyres!

Very cool,thanks for sharing!