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Friday, January 5, 2007

Conversations With God, The Saga of Pat Robertson, by Pam Kraemer

This week Robertson claims that when God spoke to him, God said that sometime after September this year, we will be attacked by terrorists. He added that millions will be effected by what may or may not be, a nuclear attack. The latest quote from Pat Robertson, issuing from his TV Show, The 700 Club, made me recall some of his other Greatest Hits from past conversations with the Almighty.

Robertson says that God talks to him directly. So does President Bush. God has chosen to speak to these two above all the other people on the planet. If this isn't the best argument to become an atheist I don't know what is.

From Robertson's past collection of hits, in January, 2006, when Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke, he said that it was God's way of getting even for Sharon's obvious anti-Israel stance when he gave over some land to the Palestinians. God moves in mysterious ways.

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed the gulf and FEMA left the new homeless to die, Robertson said that the disaster happened due to our nations sins, linking it to our country's policy of legalized abortion. Robertson is a walking crystal ball.

Now let's get behind the wheel of our time machine and travel back a couple of years to January, 2005, Robertson said that God told him he was going to remove judges from the Supreme Court "quickly" then President Bush could stack the court with judges, who, like them, would overturn Roe V Wade. In that same direct talk with God, Robertson said that Social Security reforms will pass and Muslims will accept Jesus Christ. Robertson, had on his website, a page called OPERATION SUPREME COURT FREEDOM... within that section, Robertson asked his supporters to pray for liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justices to retire: "Would you join with me and many others in crying out to our Lord to change the Court? ... One justice is 83 years old, another has cancer, and another has a heart condition. Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire? With their retirement and the appointment of conservative judges, a massive change in federal jurisprudence can take place."

In 1988, Robertson told the world that The Lord told him to run for the presidency and that God assured him that he would be the next president of the United States... That God sure is a practical joker! In '82, one of his earlier hits, Robertson said that Russia was going to invade Israel. In 1985 Robertson predicted a total global economic collapse. In his 1991 book, The New World Order, Robertson predicted that Senator Jay Rockefeller would be elected president in 1996.

In 2005, about George W. Bush: "Well, the Lord has some very encouraging news for George Bush ... What I heard is that Bush is now positioned to have victory after victory and that his second term is going to be one of triumph, which is pretty strong stuff. ... He'll have Social Security reform passed. He'll have tax reform passed. He'll have conservative judges on the courts. And that basically he is positioned for a series of dramatic victories which I hope will hearten him and his advisers. They don't have to be timid in this matter because the wind is blowing at his back, and he can move forward boldly and get results."

I love this guy. I'm jealous. I too want to be able to chat ad nauseam with God and I'd like to give that big blue guy in the sky a piece of my mind... I want God's feedback but I have to tell you, I hate practical jokes... They are boorish and mean, so God, if I get through and you answer me, save the pranks for someone else, say, like Pat Robertson.

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