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Oscar Wilde

"In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away."
shing xiong

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John Wayne

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Danny Kaye

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My NetFlix Manifesto

Dear Netflix, this is my Manifesto: I do not think you understand me. Why should you? You don’t really listen when I tell you what I want. I am just one of your many customers. One that will be fleeing from you. One that is tired of screaming about what I really want. I’m laying it all out here. I’m tired of emailing you. You don’t read my emails so why do I keep trying? I joined NetFlix when you offered a great service. You allowed me to pick a film, or even multiple films, from your library and have them mailed to my house so I could watch them at my leisure. All I had to do was put them in the nifty, red envelope and drop them back in the mailbox. It worked for me. Then the internet became faster and more compliant with my needs. You guys were awesome. You offered a really fantastic dividend, I could hook up with NetFlix, online through my Tivo or PlayStationIII and get instant movies sent, via the web, right to my 47” Sony Bravia TV. Woo-hoo! Then, you upped the price. OK. I could understand this. Things cost more and that gets passed down to me. I wasn’t really upset by the price hike. Let me tell you what really pissed me off. Do you care?
THIS IS AN IMPORTANT THING: I was a member of the NetFlix community. I was pretty much, always signed into your website. It was a daily ritual to check into the Netflix site. I found countless films, which I would have never seen, due to my NetFlix “friends.” It was a brilliant part of NetFlix. People read my reviews because they liked the same kinds of movies and TV shows I like. I rented films, based upon my NetFlix “friends” reviews. Then, one day, you pulled the plug on the NetFlix community. Check the date that you did this. I guarantee that your movie rentals dropped significantly right after you decided that the NetFlix community wasn’t needed. Right after you decided to get rid of the NetFlix online community, I stopped having movies delivered to my house. It was directly linked to the event where you pulled the plug on the NetFlix, internet community.
NetFlix has shot themselves in the foot.... Then the other fucking foot. It is like they think we are total idiots. I understand there are a lot of idiots... I’m not one of them. Give me back the on-line, NetFlix community. Let us interact. Here are my other suggestions: I will pay more for better on-line content. The crap you are offering now is shit. Below par. Not even worth the $7 a month I’m paying. I’d pay $15 a month for better content on live streaming. Or here’s a suggestion: Allow people to pay for tiers of streaming service: $7.00 for basic service (what it is now) $10.00 for “Silver Service” - Basic service plus 3 premium movie a month $15.00 for “Gold Service” Basic plus 4 premium movies a month $22.00 for “Platinum Service” Basic and unlimited access to the NetFlix Library. OR - Just charge us $3 to rent a movie above the $7 a month charge... Do something besides send us endless bullshit emails. We want our NetFlix Community back. Oh, and quit sending out self serving, bullshit messages. We hate it. Give us back our ability to review movies and TV shows. Give us better content.

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TCAbn said...

Just wanted to say that I dig your candid, well-written, wit on these posts. Great images as well. Going to follow along for a while as a break from the humdrum is needed from time to time. Thanks for a great site.