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shing xiong

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In-N-Outrage! The Jesus Parade Is Just A Drive-Thru Away!

Yesterday, after some last minute back to school shopping, I drove through In-N-Out Burger to pick up some dinner. I had just finished my Double-Double and was slurping on my chocolate shake when my son informed me that there were Bible scripture references on the bottom of the drink cups ---- Sure enough, there they were -

The shake had one, the drink cup had a different one and then we noticed that the burger wrappers had them too. We were being proselytized to in some weird sub-concious way. Jesus was watching me drink that chocolate shake. I was put off. Then, it was brought to my attention today, that Alaska Airlines includes scriptures with the crappy airline food. Not a prayer that says "Jesus, I hope this food tastes better than it looks" but real annoying Bible verses, just like my Mommy spit out right after I got the switch on the back of my legs.

The Religious freak show has set up its tent and it's even closer than I thought...


Ron Davison said...

The one good thing about the In and Out folk's religion (and I'm being serious for a change) is that they treat their employees better than the folks at Burger King or the Golden Arches. Not because of economic reasons but because of religious conviction. If the price you pay to frequent a decent (for fast food) employer is subliminal scripture, it could be worse.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ron Davison's post. My daughter noticed the scriptural references a few months ago and pointed them out to me. They are subtle and pretty unobtrusive, rather than making it an in your face agenda, and perhaps they shouldn't be lumped in with the extreme right political-religious bigotry that we have come to know and loathe through the media. They have quietly printed scriptural references, but look at them: they refuse to expand their business beyond its 3 state operating radius and have avoided the pressure to become a publically traded entity because they don't want a greedy corporate agenda undermining the values and principals of their business. That protects the quality of their food, their service, and the way their employees are treated. I believe their starting pay is something like $10 an hour--which means they aren't emphasizing maximum profits--apparently they have a point at which they believe good is good enough. They treat their employees with dignity, and promote mostly from within...Store managers make over 100,000 a year, which means they can actually live decently with their fast food careers in states like California. I have to say, overall, though it is odd to find Biblical references on your chocolate shake, In 'n Out quietly gives their faith a good name...