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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Mac Book Pro 15, Intel 2 Core Duo

Here I am, out in the Blog-o-sphere... Why? I guess it just seemed like the thing to do. I wonder, will anyone even drop my tiny corner of Cyberspace and add their 2 cents?

For Christmas, I received a Mac Book Pro 15, Intel 2 Core Duo laptop. It wasn't a surprise, I had gone online and built in the minor change or two that I wanted from the factory model. I emailed the information to my husband along with a note that said I would understand if he didn't want to spend that much money for a Christmas present... I don't think I included any musings about... "If I die, I want to have owned a Mac Book Pro 15, Intel 2 Core Duo, then my life will have been complete..."

Apple did not disappoint me. Nor did my husband. I love this sleek, little computer. It is shiny and silver and it makes my heart sing.


Mick said...

Dear Pamela:

Happy New Year!

You went into the MAC computer realm as opposed to say IBM compatable / Microsoft, for graphic qualilty needs along your career path??


Pull Up A Chair said...

I've been a Mac person since 1987 - I guess, if I do the math, that's 20 years.

Here is a recent article, from Computerworld Magazine about how PC users are choosing MAC's

I never had any need for a conventional PC since I am in the art world -- Mac's have always had word processing software - As a writer and artist, I've used pretty much all of the popular MAC software. I think most PC users would be surprised to find out how easy MAC's are to use and how friendly they are for the beginner.

Here is another story of a PC user who went to MACINTOSH: